Trio Tekke | CYPRUS

A new interpretation of rébétiko

Neo-Rebetiko group Trio Tekke has surged onto the scene in the past few years with their experimental approach to the ‘Greek blues’ and with their own distinctive compositions.
While retaining musical elements of the old style, and delivering with swagger and passion, they are playing with new sonorities, fusing different styles and writing from their own modern-day experiences; they are forging their own path in a music which is captivating peoples attention around the globe. Their first release Ta Reggetika (2009) has earned them an underground cult status, with its grainy sound and infectious groove. Their second album, Samas (2011), earned them a Battle of the Bands award on World Music Network and a nomination for Best Newcomer Act for the 2012 Songlines Awards.


In collaboration with Kollision Productions

EYM Trio orchestrates the perfect balance between unconventional rhythms and melodious harmony in their music. Playfulness and sensitivity characterize the subtle, yet exciting sound in their compositions.
Formed in France in 2010, EYM Trio is the union of the pianist Elie Dufour, the double bassist Yann Phayphet and drummer Marc Michel. In a short time, they created a strong repertoire including personal compositions, covers and creations inspired by ethnic influences of Jazz with colors from North Africa, Bulgaria, Romania, and India.
In character and creation, EYM Trio imbibes the rhythmic influences of Jazz masters throughout history; the genius of the historic jazz figures deeply inspires them. There is great intentional diversity in their compositions and improvisations, thus making their music aesthetically pleasing and inviting.

Vasilis Kostas & Layth Sidiq

In collaboration with Turquoise Productions

Laouto player Vasilis Kostas and violinist Layth Sidiq met many miles from their respective home countries in Boston. The former is Greek, the latter Jordanian-Iraqi and their duo aims to highlight the musical roots of their countries while using them as basis for exploring new ways of improvising, writing and arranging.

Without getting lost when borrowing elements from jazz and other contemporary styles, this invenive duo always seeks to capture the magic that emerges when following the thread of expanding the boundaries of musical traditions.

– Showcased @ WOMEX 2017

Sampling is Beautiful

Video & live

An original concept created by the duo of two multitalented artists Clément Sergé “Zajazza” (DJ/Producer) and Paul Bourdrel (Film director/Photographer). Combining original locations, great editing, interresting featuring artists and exceptionnal musical creatity, this project aims to use sampling as a pretext to explore musique and culture. This concept can be used to present the artistic programme of venues or festivals and has several variations : video, DJ Set based on a theme, live show, workshop..

Languages : French – English – Spanish – Portugese