n. [anássa] Greek word:«inspiration»
I. breathe, inhale, a new beginning, taking the time to savor the moment
II. To inspire, to get inspired, to encourage creativity and collective sharing.

ANASSA PRODUCTIONS was created with the desire to bring together people with the same interests, concerns and aspirations around artistic and cultural topics. The double meaning of the word «anassa» corresponds perfectly to the two main axes that create the essence of this collective effort provided by individuals from different countries and backgrounds.

1. Design and coordination of cultural projects on a European level

An approach to European projects based on a specific mission: Bring together persons interested by specific artistic and cultural subjects. Enrich the knowledge and experiences of every participant through common activities and projects, in a spirit of sharing and collaboration.

2. Promote musicians and music bands abroad

The selection of the artists represented by ANASSA PRODUCTIONS is based on the potential and the efforts applied to the evolution of each project. The musical genre is not important as long as the project itself is innovating and creative in their respective country. An encouragement towards new and exciting challenges.